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JANUARY 28th, 2001 - I have updated the Equipment Roster Table, Layout Scenes & the Constructing the Layout page.  This is for you Dennis!

AUGUST 13th, 2000 - I added three new pictures  over the weekend.  Check out Layout Scenes & Equipment Roster Table.

AUGUST 1st, 2000 - I have updated the Constructing the Layout link with a few more pictures of some the structures on the layout & Equipment Roster Table with my new purchases.

JULY 26th, 2000 - Hello all...I have added two new pictures to the Constructing the Layout link.  They show the layout with a couple of layers of ground foam applied & a dirt road that runs through the little sleepy town of Shadow Mountain.  If you check them out...let me know what you think!

JUNE 6th, 2000 - This page is undergoing a little reconstruction.  I'm converting all of my pictures to thumbnails which will speed up the loading of pages with many pictures on them.  The thumbnails will lead to full size pictures for those who would like to see them.  I have also added some new pages, Links & Prototype Pictures.  I will let you know of any changes or anything new in this section.  Check back often!!!


Welcome to the home of the Shadow Mountain RR, a branch of the great Boston & Maine Railroad.  This is my first attempt at a serious layout.  I'm starting out with a small 4' by 8' to learn all the techniques needed for enjoyment in this lifelong hobby.  This web page will grow as the railroad itself grows.

The time period for my layout will be the mid 50's.  It will be centered in the small fictional town of Shadow Mountain, somewhere in New England.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at byoungjr@rcn.com

I hope everyone who visits will enjoy, I know I will!

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